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The old Danceclub 1-4 mat system and the Game2Move 4-32 mat system have been replaced by the new I-GameSports interactive sports gaming system so there are just two bargain remaindered systems on a first come first served basis:

  • a brand new 4 mat Danceclub system with Wii and two dance games for 1000 and 100 delivery, full one year warranty, 8 practice mats an optional extra for 200. This is the last one available hence the massive price reduction, details here: !!< Danceclub 4 /li>
  • a second hand/ex demo/hire wireless 8 mat system. This is the old Shokk edition system manufactured by Game2Move, the designers behind the new I-Gamesports package of interactive fitness games. 8 mats plus laptop, all tested working and cleaned up. A bargain at 500 plus 100 delivery.

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Try A Free One Day Taster Session with the Sports Mats:

"The feedback all round was that it was a fantastic day and a fantastic product." - Lee Parkin, Head of PE, John Smeaton Academy Leeds Find out more...

A demonstration of how the virtual athletics game works:
A demonstration of how the virtual athletics game works:
Welcome to our website covering commercial fitness games and fitness gaming products and in particular Danceclub schools dance mat systems and I-GameSports Sports Mat package. We provide fully interactive fun fitnessgaming solutions to Schools, Leisure Centres, Youth Clubs and Play Providers, use the navigation buttons on the left to see how dance mats have been used in Primary and Secondary schools to inspire and interest those disengaged from PE, for Extended Schools clubs, for Healthy Schools, for SEN, and for fun fitness in youth clubs and other facilities.

We have replaced the old Cobalt Flux with two brands in our range of fully commercial quality dance mats, the DANCECLUB dance mats entry level range which goes up to four mats, and the new I-GameSports system running on the Sportsbox with virtual athletics as well as dance, and up to 32 Sportsmats. This combination means that you get the system that best suits your needs and budget.

The DANCECLUB entry level package provides the very best gaming experience possible.
  • The DANCECLUB dance mat has 8 arrows
  • The Nintendo Wii provides two game options the 4 arrow game DDR and 8 arrow We Dance both up to four mats.
  • Body movement sensors provide optional total body dance moves choreographed with the steps on the mat.
  • New track lists at regular intervals
  • Our mats also connect to PCs, and we have a 2 mat PC dance game,
  • The final touch in the DANCECLUB range is the Danceclub H hand dancer, which enables those with lower limb disabilities to join in the fun.
For more details click on the DANCECLUB link or the navigation button on the left

The I-GameSports system is the best value option for larger numbers of Sports Mats
  • Three high energy games: I-GamesSports Athletics which uses the Sports Mat as controller of your avatar in track and field events; The I-GameSports Beep Test; and I-GameSports Dance
  • up to 32 wireless 4 arrow mats
  • website lesson builder and performance data recording and analysis

For further information and to discuss which of our dance mat packages best suits your needs please contact Martin Wild on 0845 459 4 460 or info@fitnessgaming.co.uk or use the request buttons below

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