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Danceclub 1 - 4 Dance Mat Range

Danceclub 1 - 4 Dance Mat Range

Update: Primary School PE Grant Funding Our Danceclub 4 dance mat pack is a suitable use of the funding, and costs only a small percentage of the typical Grant amount

The DanceClub entry level range provides the best value and the very best gaming experience for up to 4 live mats by using the Nintendo Wii. The DanceClub range covers all the software and hardware you need to get dancing other than the audio visual, as facilities usually have these.

The DanceClub 8 arrow dance mat design is a tried and tested one.The adaptor allows you to connect to a variety of consoles and computers Practice mats are also full 8 arrow versions of the live ones. For further information follow this link to Danceclub dance mats.

Using the Wii means that we can provides the very best range of popular dance games at a very low cost. For further information about DDR and We Dance games follow this link to Danceclub Wii Games. The Wii can be both used and stored in a flightcase, for further information follow this link to the Danceclub Wii flightcase page.

DanceClub dancemats will also connect to PCs for another dance game, In The Groove (ITG) For further information follow this link to Danceclub PC Games .

For information on further options follow these links to Danceclub Wireless Retrofit Kit and Danceclub H hand dancer

There are three purchase options as shown in the table below. The first option is to buy just what fits your situation and budget. Columns two and three give the items that make up our 2 mat and 4 mat packages respectively, and for which you get a package discount.

To receive the same table complete with those prices, please use the contact buttons above and we will email it to you.

Danceclub Range

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Wireless Retrofit for Danceclub Wireless Retrofit for Danceclub

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Danceclub 1 - 4 Dance Mat Range

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