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Danceclub Dance mats connect to PC's through the USB connection on the controller, and so work with PC dance games. There are two important PC games available, Stepmania which is a free two player game downloadable from the internet with separate downloadable song packs, and a game on DVD that is based on the Stepmania format called In the Groove (ITG).

There is a website that runs competitions for schools using In the Groove tracks. As most facilities have a PC or laptop they only need Danceclub mats and the ITG game.

There are disadvantages to ITG: it has not been updated and upgraded due to a law suit by Konami; it is just a two player game; and as the authors were competition dancers, the emphasis is on the higher difficulty levels not the beginners.

Consequently we recommend for most facilities that are seeking to cover all age ranges and experiences that it should be purchased together with a Wii game.

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