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The Wii has set the benchmark for user friendly active gaming, so it is no surprise that we can offer two different dance games for the Wii. Both have had a number of upgrades over the years, both have up to 4 players.

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) from Konami is the original arcade and home dance game copied by others.The Wii version is called Hottest Party

  • four user selectable difficulty levels provide continuous progression
  • numerous options enable a wide range of abilities to play at a matching level
  • several updates available, providing a wide range of tracks
  • locked tracks provide both a challenge to unlock them and new tracks
  • competition, freeplay and practice modes so activity can be for fun or intense competition
  • team modes
  • competition mode includes challenges that help improve performance
  • create your own workouts from the tracks available
  • optional mode with hand movement and gimmicks (eg random foot bombs you have to avoid)
  • results screen includes points scored and grade based on % of possible score, enabling comparison of performance between dificulty levels
  • four arrow game

We Dance is the latest version of an 8 arrow game with two previous versions.The body/hand movement mode is better developed than DDR so provides dance moves not just steps. It has three difficulty levels:
  • easy: body & arm movement mode using the Wii remote
  • medium: dance steps on the 8 arrow dance mat
  • difficult: body movement with the remote combined with dance steps on the mat

Players learn to master the same track using the body and foot movement levels, and then combine the two together in a full dance routine. The dance mat provides accurate scoring of the steps.

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