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Danceclub dance mats

Danceclub dance mats

Danceclub dance mats (left above) are based on the same simple robust design as the first commercial dance mats to be introduced by Cobalt Flux. Metal buttons provide durability and longevity. They have 8 buttons so both the 4 arrow DDR and 8 arrow We Dance games can be played on them. The adaptor connects to the Wii, Xbox, PS2 and through a USB to PCs.
  • Same design as used in over 5500 schools in the USA
  • unrivalled durability and reliability
  • highly responsive mats that can be used on 4 and 8 arrow games
  • the economic answer to your facility having their own dance mats system
  • perfect for all education levels and needs including Extended Schools and SEN

Danceclub dance mat specification

1.19 mm base.
2. metal buttons
3. Shatterproof polycarbonate/composite vinyl protection for graphics.
4. Dust and liquid resistant film protects switching surfaces from playing surface debris.
5. Controller connects to PS2, Wii and through USB to PC's

Danceclub practice mats (right above) are a completly new design and are slightly smaller versions of the live mats with identical graphics. They are typically lined up behind the live mats.

  • Better design than those used in over 5500 schools in the USA
  • same style as and similar size to the live mats
  • provide an economic way to get more users active
  • provides a way of queing players for the live mats

Practice mat specification

1.10 mm base.
2. shatterproof polycarbonate overlay to graphics

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*Danceclub dance mats carry a 1 year deck components, parts and electronic controller warranty against manufacturing defects. Connection failure due to bent or broken pins on the control cable is not covered. Surface tiles and control switches are not warranted against cosmetic scratching due to normal wear and tear. Product will be repaired or replaced at Danceclubs discretion. Warranty does not cover return shipping.

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