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What makes a Cobalt Flux better than other hard pads?
Look around on any major dance game forum and you'll read accounts of the standard 3rd party metal platform failing in many ways. Typical problems include:

- An eventually cracked / shattered playing surface.
- Worn away or destroyed contacts causing lack of response.
- Bent or warped frame from extended play.

Each Cobalt Flux has been rigorously engineered, manufactured, and tested to counteract these issues.

- Our polycarbonate plastic is characteristically very durable and shatter proof.
- 28 ga sheet metal simply WON'T wear away (not in your lifetime, anyway).
- Our melamine-coated baseboards are extremely straight, flat, and durable.
- In case there is a problem, we'll fix it for FREE*.

Furthermore, the team that designs and manufactures the Flux is always available via e-mail for questions and support.

In short, with normal play, the Cobalt Flux will last you a long, long time.

How long will it take me to get my CF platform after I order?
We hold stock in the UK and use a 48 hour delivery service, however we quote 5 working days just in case theres a glitch along the way.
Except right at this moment we are out of stock, but don't worry our shipment is somewhere on the Atlantic and we will be despatching again from about the 29th of September. So it means I too have to wait for my very own CF platform as I lent mine out. Believe me, everything they say about foam mats is absolutley true, once you have used a CF.

How much like the arcade is the CF?
While the Cobalt Flux is the finest available home pad and one of the most arcade-like platforms on the market today, there are a few notable differences between it and the arcade -- namely in surface, height, and tactile feedback -- that may take a little getting used to.

However, most arcade players adapt very easily to the Flux after a few songs. For customers preferring a play surface with greater similarity to the arcade, we offer the Cobalt Flux Arcade Modkit for a small additional charge.

How do I clean my CF platform?
Do not remove the upper sheet metal squares, as they can be very difficult to remove, realign, and replace without damaging the board. To clean the sheet metal inside the platform, try this:

1. Get a thin ruler (less than 1/8" thick), wrap the upper 4 inches in gauze, thin terrycloth, or a few layers of paper towel.

2. Unscrew the panel you wish to clean under. The screws may retain a bit of adhesive, but should remain easy to replace.

3. Remove the polycarbonate plastic from the panel. You may take this opportunity to clean it as well, but make certain it's dry before replacement.

4. With the polycarbonate plastic and screws removed, moisten your "cleaning rod" so it is damp (but not wet) and then thoroughly wipe under the panel. Any bowing that occurs typically corrects itself within a few hours of play.

5. Wait until everything is dry, replace the polycarbonate plastic, and then resecure the panel. Make certain to drive the screws only until flush with the polycarbonate plastic surface. You're done!

You can use this process to clean every panel of your Cobalt Flux platform.

A button on my platform became "stuck". How do I fix it?
Follow the directions on this simple diagnostic chart. You'll need a phillips head screwdriver and possibly a large flathead screwdriver.

1. Turn on your PS2. Disconnect your control box from the front of the platform and plug it into your PS2. If the button is still stuck, proceed to step 3. Otherwise, proceed to step 2.

2. Reconnect your control box to the platform and slightly loosen each screw (in turn) on the affected panel.

If the button stops activating, the problem is solved! Adjust the screws until they're as tight as possible without activating the button. Otherwise, proceed to step 4.

3. The problem is control box related. Contact support@cobaltflux.com for further information.

4. The sheet metal on the affected panel has fatigued and must be re-bowed to stop button activation. Consult the user's manual for more information.

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