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I-Game Sports Mats

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I-GameSports active gaming system using the I-Game Sports Mat brings you the intensity of sports with the fun and motivation of games. The system comes with three Sports Games:

I-GameSports Athletics
Set in a 3D athletics stadium with 5 track and 4 field events to choose from. The faster you run on the I-Game Sports Mat the faster your avatar goes on the screen in the 100, 200 or 400m races. Time your jump to avoid crashing into a hurdle and get slowed down in the 110 and 400m hurdles (image above). Build up your speed and time your jump or throw to avoid disqualification in the long jump, hammer, shot put and javelin events.

I-GameSports Beep Test
Simultaneously test 16 students with the world standard aerobic capacity test and compare changes over time to evidence outcomes and provide factual reporting on the progress of your students.

I-GameSports Dance
The original fitness game out of which the I-Game Sports Mat has been developed. The game with hard exercise behind the friendly exterior. Designed to draw the students that are the most difficult to attract into exercise and keep them there as well as challenge keen students into improving their performance. Starter pack of 50 tracks with three difficulty levels playable at the same time for mixed experience classes.

I-Game Sportsbox
The Sportsbox game console is powered by an Intel 2.7Ghz processor and runs all the games and wireless connections to the Sports Mats, the internet for performance data storage and the remote combined mouse and keyboard I-Sports Game Controller

I-Game Sports Mat
Up to 32 can connect. They weigh just over 2kg each and use high performance materials from the auto industry. Battery powered with a life of 6 months average.

Designed with teachers in mind
Our aim is to minimise work for teachers so they can concentrate on the teaching, for example the ability to create and save a lesson plan on the internet means that the teacher can simply concentrate on assessing students performances without having to break off to select another track or race. Bulk user id upload by class can be done by the admin office.

Designed with the school class in mind
Pricing means that a package for a whole school class is affordable. The range of games holds every user's interest and they benefit from both individual and team competitions, and can monitor their progress on the website using their user id.
Sportsbox  and remote control

Sportsbox and remote control

Fitness Gaming 2009
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