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Funding information: Funding can be sought outside the school budget either from Awards For All for extended schools projects, An AFA grant could fully fund our four mat DanceClub dance mat packages. For further information go to the Awards for All page
Dance mats in primary schools

Dance mats in primary schools

fitnessgaming dance mats are being used in primary schools to help achieve a number of initiatives (click to follow links):

PESSYP - the five hours offer
Extended Schools - the varied menu of activities
Healthy Schools - the two hours of physical activity a week

And this is not only because research shows that they provide a truly aerobic activity - and other benefits for pupil and school- but also there is a natural affinity with early years learning:-

  • Children engage with the product as they see it coming from their world
  • Because it is fun children exercise without thinking about it
  • The software allows all ages and abilities to participate at the same time.

fitnessgaming sell two primary school dance mat systems, and whilst some primary schools may be able to afford the top of the range Blufit MultiFit 8-64 multiplayer system, our Just For Schools system suits primary school budgets without any compromise in specification and features. The Just for Schools features that primary schools find attractive are
  • robust mats that are exceptionally durable.
  • dance software that is cheap and widely available as it runs on the Nintendo Wii, and means updates are regularly published.
  • Little supervision is required as the game can be controlled by the pupils on the dance mats
  • The various modes provide games for teams as well as individuals
  • The same games can be played at home with the family, or at youth clubs
  • Other fun fitness and brain training games are available that use the dance mats to play
  • Also available are Primary Steps active learning years 1 and 2 English and Maths games that use the dance mats to select answerstraining Active learning games that use the dance mats to select answers in a fun individual or team activity

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