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The use of dance mats and computer games in schools is increasing as it becomes more accepted that engaging pupils through media with which they already have a positive association can assist the learning process (see for example: Computer Games and Learning - Futurelabs- Keri Facer - 2003).

With the development of more physically active games, in particular dance mat based games, the use of computer games as a means of increasing physical activity is now fully accepted by for example the Youth Sports Trust.

Pupils with special needs can find their opportunities to participate in physical activities are even more limited and the use of computer games can be one way to overcome that challenge.

Dance Mat games are proving to be particularly successful with both physically and mentally challenged pupils. Through a clever use of software and adapted hardware pupils with a wide range of disabilities can participate together.

At the National Autistic Societies Robert Ogden School run by the Natiional Autistic Society at Thurnscoe, Barnsley pupils are taking full advantage of the dance mat system.

At Kimberley Leisure Centre Nottinghamshire four Danceclub Hs are providing a full class workout.

At Kingsley High in London a mat and a Danceclub H hand dancer are enabling pupils with a wide range of disabilities (ASD,MLD,SLD,PMLD) to participate at a suitable level.

At Chadsgrove School and Specialist Sports College, Bromsgrove pupils with a wide range of disabilities are enjoying the Danceclub dance mat system and Danceclub H hand dancer. This particular structure allows those children with disabilities to participate alongside and compete with their able bodied friends.

Hand Dance Pro ensures pupils in wheelchairs and those who are poorly coordinated are equally provided for .

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