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Wireless RetroFit Kit for Danceclub

Wireless RetroFit Kit for Danceclub

This kit enables you to operate your JFS mats wirelessly. Up to four mats can be linked to the one receiver box with a range up to 10 metres. The receiver box is powered by the Wii, the transmitters by rechargeable batteries. Each transmitter and receiver pairing is numbered and operates on its own European standard channel so that there is no interference.

The kit is very easy to fit:

  • Roll up the JFS controller cables until less than a foot long, and tie up with a cable tie.
  • replace the mat to controller cables with a short connector
  • Connect the cables into the wireless transmitters.
  • Plug the receiver box connections into the Wii.
  • Switch on the transmitters on the mats.
  • Get dancing

The fitnessgaming Wireless RetroFit Kit comprises:

2 or 4 wireless transmitters each with 4 rechargeable batteries
2 or 4 wireless receivers housed in receiver box with Wii connections

battery rechargers for 4 batteries

The European wireless frequency used is 869.834 MHz operating on two or four channels. If you have more than four channels in use such as a 2 and 4 mat system, they must be used more than 10 metres apart to prevent cross signals.

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