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The fitnessgaming Trainer is not just a game system, but a tool that educators and physical trainers can use regularly within a PT regime to awaken new brain connections, improve coordination, balance and equilibrium and strength and stamina for all ages.

People can play individually, in pairs or in group up to 4 players per single fitnessgaming Trainer.

Wall panels can also be interconnected to create a network of fitnessgaming Trainers which allows larger group of people to train at the same time and measure their performance.

Participants can use a variety of projectiles under supervision (including basketball, footballs (soccer), soft baseballs and cricket balls, tennis and squash balls). Hands and boxing gloves can also be used in many of the programmed workouts plus fun foam bats and zanny 'WackIT™ apparatus.

The fitnessgaming Trainer is particularly valuable to individuals with limited motor skills and can be used from a seated position for wheelchair users as the operational height of each target is instantly adjustable to the user.

PT instructors can create an exciting fun filled curriculum using the fitnessgaming Trainer Software to printout work-out sheets, collect achievement data and build historical data about students' skills development.

TTCM™ software is distributed under license by VEQTOR to local health and school authorities.

Technical specifications

High impact resistant Formica laminate with polycarbonate targets.
9 active targets with hitting sensors and LEDs
Speaker system
4 digit score board
4 button remote control pad

Height - 2.40 m
Width - 1.20 m
Thickness - 7 cm

up to 100 games workout (depending on package)
up to 9 levels per game (depending on package)
levels change speed or hitting power required
industry standard Beep test included as standard

foot (soccer) ball, basket ball, valley ball
tennis ball, squash ball, racket ball
lightweight plastic balls
open hand, boxing glove
foam bat, foam noodle

Target Trainer Curriculum Manager™

PC Windows XP and Mac OSX
onto masonary wall (standard)
free standing (optional)
free standing mobile roll away trolley (optional)

Fitness Gaming 2009
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